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It was 2006, I was meeting with a gentleman who wanted to do a corporate video for his company.
To start the project, within few days I’ve been invited to come and do things in Rourkela in the steel plant. Usually I used to take orders on the basis of words on those days.
It was eight hours train travel to Rourkela. Rourkela is a planned city located in the northern part of Odisha, India. It is the third largest Urban Agglomeration in Odisha. After breakfast, I got a call from the founder, he picked me from the hotel I was staying, and he was showing me local area and pure organic food they are growing, within the few hours of driving, we have talked about nature and how he is doing in life. While driving, he was getting calls and wanted to concentrate. So he parked the car in a village side area (we have already crossed the city, and entered into a remote village area). He took a bottle of water, finished it and started calling people, sometimes he is calm, and sometimes he was shouting. We started our journey again, now he is not talking to me, and before entering into his office, he asked me to follow him. We entered into a small temple nearby. He was standing in front of the old small temple, may be for 5 minutes, and again came back to same good old industrialist mode.

The steel plant, was running in full swing, as I have to record from the top, I had to climb on the top of the big blast furnace (on those days there was NO drone) hence they shut down the furnace, so that it can cool down for a human to climb-up to the top. After several hours, they gave me a special dress and shoe. With my camera in one hand I was there on the top, it was first experience in my life, I was recording the whole steel plant from the top, I did this for the total factory and nearby area with few core people talks etc. While walking inside the factory, I realized they took loan from bank nearby to expand business, I found people are taking out super hot irons and molding it, one of the employee of the office said you know Mr Bhattacharyya, these people are not normal, they take so much of heat every day, they can’t think like a normal human. I was looking at the workers in the factory, they are working like machines, some are smiling some don’t have any expression. I was gathering a lot of knowledge from this small incident. I’ve been asked to take jiggery, and offered a place to take off the suit they gave me and to take some rest. In the evening time, the founder took me again in his car and asked me if I’m done with the work. While we were in the city, he offered me dinner in his house. We negotiated the price for the video, after few minutes of talk; he realized they need software to streamline their own accounts and process. Hence I bagged another order from them too. After the lovely dinner, he said Arijit, you are going back tomorrow, and can we spend some more time? I said I’ll be honored, now we are talking about life, his blood pressure is not in control, he got several problems in regards to his health. I was curious, why he was sharing me all this, around 2:30 AM I asked him, sir, will you not sleep tonight? I will catch the train in few hours now; I can sleep in the train, what about you? You have to go office. He said &you know, some people treat me as client ONLY, they took advance but didn’t work, some ... leave it. The reason I’m spending time because I don’t have people around me to talk things except business. One day you will realize the cost of becoming a mid level business person like me. "

I know, he will do great in life, I know he will be shouting again in the morning, I know people will talk shit about him tomorrow morning, I know again he will stand in front of that temple tomorrow, I know there will be work pressure for him, and I also know he will overcome everything in life. He is at peace when he is spending time with "SELF".
Every one of us needs to spend time with "inner SELF"- think, realize and act. For and entrepreneur, it’s not easy to share everything, there are things which is with YOU only. When you try to sleep, put your head in pillow, you have your own thoughts and acts. Whatever is the situation, never ever lose control of your inner SELF, there will be people in life who will talk things in your back, it’s IMP to have those people in life. There will be people who will try to make your impression bad in front of others, make fun of you. Spread rumors, rest assure if you are in right path, you will shine. When you are working, it’s not easy to stay calm, you need to get the job done, and sometimes you might have to shout, but never lose temper, hope needs to come from yourself, your inner Tiger which wants to roar.
End of the day, you are reading bad English, rest assure it’s a way of communication nothing related to great English article. Stay safe, stay happy. Cheers to life.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog, narrating my personal entrepreneurial journey. While on this long journey, I have come across different people, companies and unexpected quarters; each of whom have helped shaped my life. My writing is an attempt to reflect and capture some of the moods and emotions that have occurred over the last two decades.

Kindly excuse any grammatical errors, typos or mistakes of any kind. This blog is written from the heart and is purely an expression of my experiences.



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