Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Public Speaker, Business Matchmaking Expert, Government Advisor,Artist, Author, Community Builder, Game Programmer, Virtual Reality Specialist, AI Evangelist, Blockchain Specialist & Globe Trotter, Startup Mentor.
Founder & CEOVirtualinfocom- India’s first game development & VR app development studio since 1998. Founder: Cosplayseller (India's first cosplay ecommerce portal), Founder: Virtualgamedeveloper, Lead Director - Avaluglobal Investments – Australia, Director Innovation: Zuprime Corp – Technology consultancy company – Australia, Co-Founder: Glamworldface, Founder: Animgaming, Co-Founder: Entrepreneursface
Senator (India) of World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)
Mentor & Angel Investor: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park , Naman Capital, Ah Ventures, Megaline(UK), Broffice (Ukraine) , Fastercapital (Dubai), Maxcap(China) Mentor & Judge: Techstars startup saturday. Business Mentor: Faster Capital (Dubai)
Arijit is a Business Scalability Expert and a Finance, Technology & Growth Consultant focusing on Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), Mid level corporates and also advising companies on private equity investments in the startup and SME space.
For the last several years Arijit is speaking in various national and international platforms about deeptech, entrepreneurship, fund raising, game development, virtual reality, scale-up business, wealth management, startup ecosystem, blockchain technology, data science, business development, AI and ML.

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Arijit Bhattacharyya

Angel Investment

If you have a startup and you are in MVP stage, I'll be happy to help you.

Whether it is raising funds or building business worldwide, me and my team members can help you to expand various parts of the globe with market entry support and finding right partner for you.

VR Data Science

VR & Data Science

When VR becomes a 3D version of the internet, the amount of data captured will be even greater than what we do now.

Machine learning has the capability to enhance every experience. By understanding the user, it can adapt the simulation toward their preferences.

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Arijit Bhattacharyya

Who is Arijit Bhattacharyya

An entrepreneur since 1998, Arijit Bhattacharyya is the founder of Virtualinfocom India’s one of the first game development company.
Founder of India’s first B2B portal on game development.
Investor and BM of animgaming one of the finest portal to get investment for game developers and connect with various other gaming community.
Founder of India’s first Portal on cosplay.
Founder of India’s one of the first Virtual Reality training institute in India, it gives training on AI, ML, VR, AR, Game Development, Blockchain technology.
Contributor & Structure creator of Smart City Projects in few parts of the globe.
He is a startup mentor and scaleup specialist since 2007, and helped over 1600 startups till date. He is a great support to the startup ecosystem in India, UK, Ukraine, Australia, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Dubai & Thailand, always support the coworking place and incubators around Asia, EU and Africa, advisory board member of several small & medium companies.
Founder of entrepreneursface and an investment Banker. Helped to raise funds for several companies around the world..
Creator of media portal glamworldface with over 300 + celebrities & models, actors from India, Europe & Asia.
Founder of virtualinfocom, which is World’s one of the first company to make real celebrities into 3D superhero character.
India’s first Mythology based game, Bengal’s first movie based game Boss2, Bangladesh’s first superhero movie based game Bizli, Nepal’s first 3D racing game, Bhutan’s first 3D game maker. Artist by passion, comics writer and a globe trotter. Active mentor & adviser. Member of Board of studies of the department of computer science in two University in India.
Mentor at Atal Innovation Mission.
He is a public speaker and speaks on technology- (VR, AR, Game Development, AI, ML, Blcockchain technology, Animation, latest progress on IT and so on), financial growth, how to grow company, how to get funding and connecting spirituality with technology.
Trained over 6000 students. Corporate advisory board member in three University in India & UK

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I'm making VR games & apps since 2006,from VRML to latest game engines using C# & C++. I've been working in the following sectors in VR: Health Technology, Defense, Movies, VR Games, Entertainment, Real-estate. Recruitment and Training. Training Medical Students. Online meeting using VR. Banking Simulation, Ship n Oil Rigging Training.

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Since 1998 I've been making games, be that PC, Smartphone, VR, AR or consoles. My speciality is to make characters from real actors and models, make them 3D in game and publish them globally. My speciality is to make superheros and superhero based games including old mythology based games from different culture.

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I love to teach animation & make super cool animated videos. For the last 25 years I've been doing classical and sand animation.At the moment I'm making my own superhero based animated movie on my own.
By passion I try to unearth the science behind any mythology and make story based animation.

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Created approx 56 comics series and 43 superhero characters, Indian, manga and western.

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Blockchain Technology

I am involved with several global projects related to fintech, ad monitisation, helthtech and co-working place development powered by blockchain technology.

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One of my passion is cyber security & telecom security.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Since 2006, I used to code in VRML, for the last several years, I've been using various engines and laguages along with SDK, to develop few amazing games and apps in virtual reality.

Leading a team in virtualinfocom, who makes amazing super cool virtual reality & augmented reality based games and applications.



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If you want to expand your business or looking for mentoring and investment support please be in touch.

Arijit Bhattacharyya