There is quiet highlight about the virtues of virtual reality, but the popularity of augmented reality is truly breaking out. People are mostly introduced to this technology with the help of popular smart phones games for example Pokemon Go, Snapchat suite of filters. Apple and Google are also launching their own smartphone-driven AR platforms, ARKit and ARCore. Augmented Reality gives a feeling of make believe creature thus making yourself look like a cute puppy via a smartphone.
Microsoft, Google Vuzix and others are working to bring AR in eyeglass form. There are also many glasses giving you full color apps which you can check at a glance and helmets delivering direction at a real time when you can ride around on your bike or motorcycle. AR headsets create holograms with a level of interactivity seeming straight out of a science fiction fever.
Top Augmented reality glasses:
Microsoft Hololens: Microsoft Hologram themed augmented reality glasses- is the true augmented reality glass having wearers waving their arms to interact with screens and full colored virtual objects . Willing to dial up the coolness factor a bit? Then you can also take an augmented reality driven trip through Mars. Microsoft Hololens is still at the stage of development. Oculus Rift like use, this might not be the headset which you are going to wear at the time of walking to the grocery store.
Its uses: Interior decorators, aspiring designers, gamers, who want to learn home improvement tasks. They have yearned for Minority report like interface for interacting with digital data. Microsoft sees a lot of potential scenarios for Hololens.
Key features: No dangling cords or wires; this light weight and fit any adult head size. HD Holographic images, bunch of cameras and sensors which Microsoft isn't talking about; “ holographic processing unit”.
Google Glass Enterprise Edition: After failing to gain mainstream success Google retooled its augmented reality headset as a business focussed product. Google glass enterprise edition has similar feature but with an upgraded hardware. The new headset has a big, red light which turns on at the time of filming that was absent from the consumer version. The transparent display known as Glass pod is also removable this time. You can detach the display from the included frames use it with safety goggles and prescription glasses.
Its uses: Strictly for business use.
Key features: Has 8 megapixel camera, detachable lens, longer battery life, fast wi fi, more powerful processor.
Meta 2: The second generation headset that offers one of the augmented reality experiences. This is exactly similar to Microsoft Hololens but at a half price and also with a better AR display and more comfortable design. The Meta 2 can project high quality holograms that uses 3D imaging with a 90 degree field to view and a 2560 x 1440 resolution. This uses ultrasound technology and a gorgeous car app. The only problem is unlike wireless Hololens, the Meta 2 requires a cable for power, video and data.
Its uses: Best for those who are willing to fill their home or office with Holographic images.
Key features: 720 front camera, tinted screens, 90 degree field of view, 2560x1440 pixel resolution, Windows based operating system.
Solos: This is a cycling focussed AR device having few standout features. This is an all in one pair of smart sunglasses with a built in heads up display. This is the smallest in the world.
Its use: The cyclists looking for improvement through data base training, are ideal for Solo use. They are a solid choice for those wanting all in one option that can be connected with your smartphones.
Key Features: 5 hour battery, dual microphones, micro speakers, adjustable display, Bluetooth.
ODG R-7 Smart glasses system: This is one of the most advanced AR smart glasses and the company may be right. These AR glasses has Qualcomm Snap dragon 805 quad core processor, dual 720p see through displays and also the kind of specs that you will find in a premium smart phone. This contains a pair of rechargable batteries, smorgasbord of sensors and also an autofocus camera. This device is totally untethered and so you need not have a computer to power the experience.
Its use: Regular customers don't use it. This is meant for professionals working in transportation, health care, energy and utilities, logistics and security and also other fields.
Key features: Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad core processor, 3GB RAM, 64GB storage, dual 720 see-through displays, Bluetooth, dual 650 mAH batteries, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, autofocus camera, magnetic swappable lenses, magnetic stereo earbuds.

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